Friday, November 9, 2007

Calming Inner Turmoil

Gracious Lord,

Spread out your comforting hand over my soul that I may find peace. Recently I have felt unworthy and overwhelmed, like a storm tossed ship at sea. Help me to find security through faith in you. Grant me moments of insight and calm, so that eventually the storm will pass.



Anonymous said...

thank you for this prayer and reminding me that we are powerless without God, Our Savior.

Anonymous said...

I will say this prayer, I am truly overwhelmed with not being able to find employment. I sense that I may be too old for employers to hire me. I feel angry, am crying my eyes out today, and I need God's reassurance that it will be ok.

Anonymous said...

And it will. I too suffered from a lack of faith and abandonment. Replaced doubt with praise and thanks before the storm and through the storm. NEVER DOUBT HIS ABILITIES! never doubt him. We are nothing but smoke through a keyhole without Christ! Thank you father in the name of Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Thank u for that wondeful short but effective prayer. I am in yet another emotional/financial/disaster. I have employment however sometimes I feel like I work in a GODLESS atmosphere.I have yet fallen so short I feel underserving of his
GRACE AND MERCY once again. But thi prayer re-affirms he will NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE ME!!